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Asiri Anatolians - Common Questions for Prospective New Owners


QUESTION: At what age can I pick up my pup?

ANSWER: Puppies cannot legally be taken across state lines or flown on an Airline until they are at least 8 weeks of age.

QUESTION: If I purchase a puppy from you, what is the easiest way to get my puppy?

ANSWER: I prefer my "new puppy parents" to personally pick up their puppy if at all possible, but, if you must have the pup air shipped, I fly my puppies to major airports in the US and Canada. Please be aware that there are times of the year when Airlines will not fly pups (very hot or very cold weather), and you will need to check with them to see if you can fly your pup. If you cannot fly them in cargo, sometimes it is possible for you to fly in to pick up your pup and fly them back with you in the cabin as long as the pup does not go over 25 lbs. Most 8 week old Anatolian pups range 20-25 lbs, so this is possible. Also, in the last few years, a few Ground Transport companies have started up and this is a very good way to accustom your pup to traveling in an automobile. They usually pick up and deliver door to door, so you don't have that annoying trip to the airport to look forward to. It does take longer than flying, but the pup is much more comfortable and there is always someone there to check on it during transport.

QUESTION: Are Anatolians good with children?

ANSWER: Anatolians are extremely good with children, even very young babies. However, when Anatolians are very young it is never a good idea to leave them alone with small children as they can easily knock a child down while playing. Monitoring at this time is important, because it allows you to stop any bad habits they might develop before they start.

QUESTION: How hard is it to train an Anatolian puppy?

ANSWER: While training an Anatolian puppy is usually pretty easy, they are still puppies and you need to "puppy proof" the inside and outside of your house. And, I am always available to my puppy people if a question arises. Anatolians are noted for their intelligence and, even though they are very independent, anything they learn during their puppyhood usually sticks with them through adulthood with minimal reinforcement.

QUESTION: How do I train my Anatolian Puppy to be a "Family Guardian"?

ANSWER: While no training is required for the puppy to become a "Family Guardian", it is important that obedience training and lots of socialization are incorporated into the family schedule. For your pup to be a "family guardian, you simply keep the puppy close to the family. The more time the whole family spends with the pup, the closer the bond. Every ounce of love and care you show the pup will be given back many times over. The obedience training and socialization are simply methods of teaching your pup how to discern between an imagined threat and a real one.

QUESTION: What kind of food is best to feed an Anatolian puppy?

ANSWER: Our dogs are fed raw.

If you don't feed raw: Anatolian pups should never be fed normal puppy food since most puppy foods are way too high in protein, causing a too fast growth rate. Anatolians should always be on a high quality food with not less than 22% protein and 12% fat and not more than 25% protein and 15% fat. Adult Anatolians should never be fed a high protein/high fat diet. From time to time, Anatolians will go on a self imposed "FAST", eating very little, if anything. This can go on for days. Don't be alarmed as this is perfectly normal for this breed, especially during hot weather, or if something very exciting or upsetting is going on in your household. Again, you can always reach me if you have concerns.

QUESTION: Will my Anatolian puppy get along with animals already established in my home?.

ANSWER: Your puppy will bond quickly with the family and whatever other animals you may have when he arrives, as he will consider them as part of his "flock". If this is the only Anatolian in your household, he will probably eventually become "alpha" over your other animals. This is normal for the Anatolian and is usually settled by mutual understanding between the animals.

QUESTION: What is the Anatolian Shepherd's temperament?

ANSWER: Very gentle, affectionate with his family, while aloof with strangers, waiting to be introduced. They are very laid back, unless alerted. They are trustworthy, strong and extremely Intelligent.

QUESTION: If my Anatolian needs to go to a Veterinarian due to a serious injury or for surgery, are there any special instructions my veterinarian should be aware of?

ANSWER: Anatolian Shepherds can be sensitive to anesthesia and should be closely monitored during administration. Most new forms of anesthetics are very safe and should not be cause for alarm, but your veterinarian should be informed of the breed sensitivity. If asked for specifics, Anatolians should get approximately the same dosage of anesthesia as a sighthound.

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