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Asiri Anatolians - About Our Kennel


Our kennel is nestled against the Mustang and Whetstone mountains in Southeastern Arizona. There are dirt roads; a wash runs through our property and mesquite trees, some cacti and wild grass cover the grounds. We can hear the coyotes howl at night; however, it is an ideal place to live for us and raise our dogs and cats. Right now, we live with three cats and four dogs, a German Shepherd Dog (Tehya) and three Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (Sahbaz, Teshir & Canim). All our animals are raised with a lot of handling, training, love and socialization. They share the house with us, and at night they sleep in our bedroom.

We had never seen or heard of an Anatolian Shepherd until about 1998. Our next door neighbor owned a white male Anatolian, Nero, and he was an absolute love. The more we learned about the breed and saw Nero, the more we loved their personality traits and their calm and regal mannerism. We had raised Doberman's for many years, but were discouraged about the direction this breed was going in the United States. We then started looking for our own Anatolian and after researching and talking to a lot of different breeders and Anatolian lovers; we finally found the breeder and then the puppy we loved, Sahbaz. He sure is everything we ever expected and more. When Teshir came to live with us in early 2007, we thought our happiness was complete. However in Jan 09, Canim came to live with us and in the Fall of 2012, we hope to add a male puppy to our family.